Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vanished Disney

I just stumbled across a youtube site with videos of now-extinct Disney attractions, brought to us by Cristel Video.  As a girl whose first visit was 30 years ago, I am completely enthralled with these!

Check them out:

Magic Kingdom

Skyway (awesome pics here from Yesterland)

Disneyland Skyway Poster.png

Dreamflight (Tomorrowland, sponsored by Delta)

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Adventureland)

Enchanted Tiki Room (Adventureland)

Legend of the Lion King (Fantasyland, now Mickey's Philharmagic)



World of Motion

Old-school Journey into Imagination

Food Rocks


River Country

Discovery Island

The site also includes several old school parade videos.

Follow the links and enjoy!

(taken at Discovery Island around 1994)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cast Member Appreciation Cards

We love those little special touches that give our vacay that little extra extra.  Last year, we really enjoyed handing out cast member appreciation cards.  I assumed that with all the hardcore Dis fans out there, the cast members would be used to getting these, but they all seemed excited and surprised.  When we were a specific pain in the neck at the custom mouse ears shop, I sheepishly pulled out one of my thank you cards and gave it to one of the mouse milliners, who showed it off to everyone else in the assembly line.  I stuck a stack of them in my fanny pack and pulled them out every time I was served a drink or dinner, received assistance getting around with the bot by myself in the morning (cast members seem to pop up all the time with stickers for babybots as we wait in line), asked for help at the front desk, etc.  They were a hit.

Definitely the top cast members to appreciate are your maid and concierge, even if you don't give these cards to everyone you see as I did.

We printed ours from Tagrel.com, where there is an amazing selection, and I did some scrapgirl ninja action on them...glue sticked those babies to card stock in an array of colors and signed the backs of them, "Peace and Love, Arthur and Kristi, Tulsa, December 2009."  With last year's experience, this year I am going to type our info on them and laminate the whole card (December in Florida = wet fanny pack = soggy card casualties).  The laminated card could become a bookmark for sentimental hoarders like myself who keep everything anyone ever gives them if they can in any way rationalize it. 

Now it's your turn:

Tagrel's extensive collection of CMACs (colorful images of Disney characters...includes Halloween and Xmas cards)

Have fun!  Please let me know if there are any more CMACs online I should link to!  Cheers!