Monday, April 5, 2010

Our first Disney Halloween

For those who have been to Disney World more than a few times, you know that the countdown really, really starts at six months.  Although we usually go at Christmas time, this year we're headed there around Halloween.  I am starting to put together our schedule and will try to keep everything up to date here.

Visiting Disney World at Christmas has taught us that it's very much en vogue to decorate one's hotel room or camper.  This year, since my folks are going down early (Mom is on dialysis and carries all her equipment and the machine with her in the camper), we can send our luggage ahead with them as I have done the last two years, which means that since we don't have to worry about traveling light, we can send ahead decorations for our hotel room window and door.  I have a couple of Halloween Winnie the Pooh toys that were given to Arthur by Becca, Mia and Nathan and I am thinking about lining them up in the window and maybe decorating with some lights.  I also think it would be cool to put some Jack Skellington decs in the window. Please comment if you have more decorating suggestions for our Disney trip. 

Additionally, we plan on sending our costumes ahead of time.  Our super amazing Halloween costumes are tba as of yet (we still need a super amazing idea), but I also will send "light" costumes to wear to the park...e.g. Arthur has a lion shirt with hood and mane, and I plan to wear the Flaming Lips March of 1,000 Skeletons suit one evening if it's not too warm (the weather should still be about 65 to 85 degrees...a little less dreary hopefully than our last Christmas time trip, although it was still a nice change from frigid Oklahoma!).

Please post additional ideas if you have any thoughts on making our Halloween visit special.

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